Totally Wiped Out

  • 5 - 1000 people
  • 2 - 3 Hours

About Totally Wiped Out

Join us at the Totally Wiped Out!  

Inspired by the amazing TV show, we have created an incredible team building event that brings to life all the amazing action and excitement you can get in a head-to-head inflatable bonanza.

There are some seriously big toys on this outdoor team building experience. From the famous big red balls, to inflatable assault courses, and even a giant wrecking ball.

Your guest’s eye’s will light up when they enter the arena, filled with colour, music and of course, our show host on the mic. Everything is head-to-head, so competition if rife. Teams will compete in a variety of unique games, fighting it out to get the winning times and points, and as we normally expect, a fair bit of cheating and sabotage.

If you’re looking for the biggest, most energized, most active and most challenging FUN team building event on the planet, then this is it. Totally Wipedout is an outright big fun, seriously motivating, hilarious competitive team building experience. It’s packed full of life, energy and activity with something for everyone.

An ideal team experience that will not fail to give you the wow factor.

Sample Christmas Package at Totally Wiped Out

FREE Venue Finding if required to host the event
Up to 6 inflatable challenges
Professional host /compere
Activity instructors
Specialist kit & equipment
Event theming & music
£5m public liability insurance

What happens at Totally Wiped Out

Teams arrive at the games arena which is alive with music and all the inflatable challenges. Our games host for the day dances onto the scene ready to kick start the fun. First things first it’s the warmup. Usually taking the form of a stupid dance routine, it gets everybody limbered up, and the oxygen flowing.

Teams are now allocated, and it’s straight onto the first challenge. Each group will visit all the challenge zones, going head-to-head with a different team at each zone. This really ups the level of interaction and camaraderie,
as well as the chance to beat each one of your peers, including the boss! Points are awarded as you go. It’s 3 for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. The compere will give rolling updates on the scores, helping to up ante for those
desperate to take the lead. Activities include:

• Bungee Run – on our inflatable runway, individuals race to place their velcro baton as far forward as possible before the bungee kicks in!
• Big Red Balls – run jump and bounce across the giant red balls to make it all the way through this amazing inflatable.
• Washing Machines – loaded full of socks, can you get into the foam filled thick of things and find the matching pairs?
The Sweeper – get your timing spot on to jump and avoid the rotating sweeping arm that’s trying to knock you off the inflatable bed.

The event concludes with one final challenge, giving the back runners the chance to take the bonus points and steal the lead. The top 3 winning teams are announced with bronze, silver and gold medals. The top team are awarded bubbly, so expect to get sprayed!

Benefit From

Fun team interaction Hilarious games & activities Incredibly upbeat & motivational Something for everyone Have fun & stay safe Plenty of laughter guaranteed!


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