Masterpiece Challenge

  • 5 - 1000 people
  • 2.5 Hours

About Masterpiece Challenge

Join us at the Masterpiece Challenge!  

You are about to create something spectacular! But in order to do so, you will need pencils, paints, brushes and canvasses
and these come at a cost… points! So, to earn these valuable points, you will need to complete some challenges.

Challenges include:
The Creative Zone: made up of 10 challenges ranging from making a pompom or paper chain to recreating a masterpiece and transforming a team member into a zombie!

The Mental Zone: Test your art knowledge with a ‘Name That Painting’, Art Anagrams and Spot the Difference challenge, plus a mind bending Rubix Cube.

The Physical Zone: Test your fitness with a 30 second plank or 50 sit ups, and a 30 second cup stack or discover a team members hidden plate spinning talent.

Next we split your team up so that individuals can utilize their skills to best effect and earn you maximum points, then off you go to the art shop and collect your goodies! Once back at your team tables, you’ll need to work together to recreate
a selection of pictures onto your canvasses. But you’ll also need to collaborate with other teams who are painting different parts of the ‘big picture’, so that yours align with theirs and the colours match!

Sample Christmas Package at Masterpiece Challenge

Protective overalls & gloves
Team art & challenge packs
Pop up art shop
All required canvasses & materials
Team instructors
Full event management

What happens at Masterpiece Challenge

Our team will transform the given space into a colourful feast of artistic fun, but don’t worry, you don’t need to be any good at art to get the most out of this experience.

Teams are each given several blank white canvasses, and random sections of a big image (that isn’t revealed until the end). The first challenge is to complete several fun head-to-head challenges to earn monopoly style money. Teams can now visit the art shop to exchange funds for all kinds of required art resources.

Next, they work on recreating their section of the big picture onto the canvasses. They must carefully communicate and work with all the other teams to match up each section to start to piece together all the mosaic style canvas sections.
The event concludes with a dramatic reveal as we unveil the final image, which is made up of every teams’ canvasses.
Masterpiece Challenge is the perfect event to encourage collaboration and communication with the added creative element. It’s the ideal way to showcase company values or perhaps a new logo, in fun and different way.

Whilst all our team building events leave a lasting impact, our Masterpiece event has a piece of artwork to be taken away, ready to be hung up in offices!

Benefit From

Working towards a common goal Group collaboration & cohesion Planning & communication Creativity & innovation The power of team unity Fully interactive & inclusive


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