Escape Room Plus

  • 5 - 1000 people
  • 2 - 3 Hours

About Escape Room Plus

Join us at the Escape Room Plus!  

Get ready to experience the fastest paced event ever! Escape Room Plus is designed to give large groups a thrilling escape themed activity, whilst proving an experience that caters for absolutely everyone.

Two members of each team are taken prisoner. Donning bright orange prison suits and ankles shackled together, your
challenge is to release them as quick as possible. The key to the shackles is held in a coded safe at the front of the room. To get the code teams must take part in a variety of over 100 crazy tasks, games and challenges to earn pieces of a
giant cryptic puzzle. When the clock stops ticking all prisoners are chained together at the front of the room. It now becomes a race to complete the puzzle, work out the code and release your team members. Be the last to break free and your entire team end up in our life size jail with a sizeable release penalty…

Sample Christmas Package at Escape Room Plus

Over 100 activities
2-3 hour event (including briefing and presentations)
Props and equipment
Tasks & games for everyone
Orange boiler suits for the prisoners
Results ceremony

What happens at Escape Room Plus

After we’ve transferred the room into a plethora of themed challenges and activities, positioned the jail and laid out the prison suits, teams enter an arena of intrigue. Teams now nominate their two designated prisoners who are quickly suited and chained up…They still join in with the fun, but with a slight hinderance.

The clock now starts ticking. Teams have an allotted time to visit 5 themed task zones – Physical, Sensory, Creative, Childs Play and Brain Busters. Faced with over 100 games they must complete as many as possible before time runs out. The more you complete, the more puzzle pieces you receive, and the quicker you are likely to crack the code and free your

The finale involves all teams going head-to-head to crack the code, release the key and unlock their team members and escape the room! The first team out are rewarded with medals and champagne, the last team left behind must face the wrath of the jailers! Escape Room Plus is the ideal event to get people up and moving and their brains working. Using both collaboration and communication, the activity requires a high level of teamwork and focus to unravel all the different stages of the experience, all aimed at being the first and ultimate team to escape the room! It’s a very popular event which is ideal for all groups of up to 1000, offering absolutely something for everyone.

Benefit From

Something for everyone Huge variety of tasks & challenges High level of team interaction Lots of energy and excitement Teams working in fun competition Creativity & innovation are a must!


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