Interactive Treasure Hunt

  • 5 - 1000 people
  • 1 - 3 Hours

About Interactive Treasure Hunt

Join us at the Interactive Treasure Hunt!  

Treasure hunts have become all the more sophisticated over the years. The enhancement in technology has enabled us to create a range of incredible games and adventures, all using the latest iPad technology and specifically created themed apps.

These events are ridiculously engaging as the game never stops changing. Teams must keep their wits about them to move from location to location, guided by the mapping technology. At every correct location they find, a mystery challenge will appear on screen.

Each trail is created specifically for you, taking into consideration start and finish locations and any specific locations required on route.

The iPad is your games master. It will always show your exact location, and give you mapping clues to find all the mystery
destinations. The instant pop-up tasks include augmented reality, photo missions, and video challenges. Screens display a running leader board showing each teams’ points and their position in the league. This creates rolling excitement as the standings constantly change.

Sample Christmas Package at Interactive Treasure Hunt

Experienced and enthusiastic event management team
Host / Referee
Full risk assessments
iPads and challenge pack
Public liability insurance
Results ceremony

What happens at Interactive Treasure Hunt

Your experience starts with an uplifting brief by our event management team, explaining the nature of the game, the competition, and the rules. We normally kick off with a quick ice breaker to get the energy flowing.

Each team now receives a challenge pack, customised to your adventure. In here is everything they will need to progress. Teams also receive an iPad and a simple briefing on the super user-friendly app technology. Now it’s up to you. Do you stay put and plan for a while or go gung-ho and head out straight away? Different teams take different strategies, which always proves for interesting results.

Each mystery location is marked on the screen, as you would see on the likes of Google Maps. Your icon will always show you where you are and track your movements so you can constantly navigate to the multitude of challenge zones.

As soon as you arrive at the right location the screen will change to challenge mode. Your live task will now commence, some with a time limit, some without. But don’t hang around. The more places you visit the more points you can earn!
Our back-end team can see rolling progress as well as all teams locations. They live mark all the tasks with instant point updates.

Now comes the even more interesting part. YOU CAN STEAL POINTS FROM YOUR OPPONENTS! As well as seeing where you are, you can also see exactly where other teams are. Get within a set distance and you’re in firing range. You can now throw all kinds of virtual objects including stink bombs and custard pies. For every direct hit, your opponent’s screen will show a huge splat and let them know you’ve swiped 10 points from them. Beware though, this quite quickly turns into a game of cat and mouse as teams plot their revenge.

The adventure concludes at a set finish location where points are collated. We display all the hilarious photos from the day and run through some of the funniest things we’ve witnessed teams doing. The results are then announced with medals and bubbly for the overall winning team.

Benefit From

An interactive outdoor adventure Ongoing teamwork & communication Plenty of fun & team play Fun motivational upbeat experience Enhance teamwork via group collaboration Something for everyone


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