Go Mad In The Country

  • 5 - 1000 people
  • 2 - 3 Hours

About Go Mad In The Country

Join us at the Go Mad In The Country!  

Go Mad in the Country combines the thrill and mystery of an intriguing murder mystery with the fun and adventure of an interactive treasure trail. It’s a two in one experience.

The event is loaded with twists and turns, giving you an activity that will really captivate any group.
You will be engrossed in the thick of a live scene hosted by our resident thespians. It’s all quite strange and eclectic, as are the characters. To your shock a murder happens in front of your eyes. But how? Who was the murderer? What was the motive? What was the murder weapon?

Nothing is obvious or what it seems. Armed with a plethora of evidence and clues, teams now embark on a
clue trail around the grounds of the venue. Along the way you will meet some fantastic suspects and characters, played by our amusing and talented equity actors. They will either help or hinder your case! Each location themed team-building challenges will win or lose you essential information including DNA results and fingerprints from the crime

The exciting event will have your team frantically trying to build up a case to give their exact solution to the mystery in the final denouement.

Sample Christmas Package at Go Mad In The Country

Experienced and enthusiastic event management team
Well maintained equipment
Themed host & additional actors
Photographic mission
Evidence scavenger hunt
Selection of team challenges

What happens at Go Mad In The Country

After the dramatic opening scene, hosted by our professional actors, your teams will be first hand witnesses to the murder. Amongst all the drama and chaos, it’s far from obvious as to what happened, and ‘who dunnit’. As the police arrive you are ushered away from the crime scene ready for evidence to be collected. A briefing pack has been created by the scene of crime officers, giving you all the clues and information they have gathered.

After studying the clues, teams set off on location around the venue with the aim to gather further clues and information. They must visit several locations, each of which will pose a style of challenge. Each challenge reveals the information you need to progress. On route you will also meet some mystery characters. Some suspects, some informants, but can you tell the difference? Be careful, if you provide them with the right information, they will reward you, but only the murderer
can lie!

Teams now return to the crime scene to amalgamate all their findings. They each present their conclusions in the hope of solving the crime and exposing the murderer. The event concludes in a very dramatic closing scene as the murderer is revealed. But there’s a twist!

Benefit From

Fun team interaction Hassle free management Intrigue and suspense Working towards a common goal Group communication Problem solving & lateral thinking


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