Crime Scene Experience

  • 5 - 500 people
  • 2.5 Hours

About Crime Scene Experience

Join us at the Crime Scene Experience!  

Have you ever wondered what it would really be like to be a crime scene investigator and how crimes & murders are really solved? Well here’s your chance!

There’s been a murder and we need your help to find the killer! Visit the crime scene and examine the evidence, study the suspect, examine fingerprints, create a digital FBI style photo fit, compare a variety of hair and fibre under the microscope, analyse blood splatters and lots more.

Our Crime Scene Experience event, mirrored off real life forensic investigations, leads you through the fascinating processes of solving a crime and identifying the killer.

Your team, supplied with white body suits and surgical gloves, will need to work closely together, applying these skills and investigating the clues, using the evidence in front of you to work out who murdered our unfortunate victim… before the other teams beat you to it!

Sample Christmas Package at Crime Scene Experience

Forensic instructors
Specialist event manager
Team forensic white suits &gloves
Specialist forensic equipment
Themed crime scene
Themed investigation zones.

What happens at Crime Scene Experience

Be prepared to walk into a completely transformed environment emulating a true crime scene. The group are briefed that there has been a murder, and their task as forensic specialists is to unravel the crime. Teams are given a list of suspect profiles and mugshots to study. They will now visit each of the forensic zones in order to find clues to eliminate the suspects – the crime scene, blood splatter, hair and fibre, e-fit, fingerprints and ballistics.

Once teams have completed all the zones, they come together to complete one final task. Each group presents their conclusion, which must include the murderer, murder weapon and of course the motive. The event concludes with a detailed revelation of what actually happened. The question is, did your team crack it! Medals and bubbly are awarded to the team who came closest.

Our Crime Scene Investigation event is an intricate event, with the focus on learning new skills whilst still making it competitive. Using real-life techniques with high quality equipment, the moment you enter the crime scene, you are no longer a group of delegates but forensic specialists.

Benefit From

Learning amazing new skills Work as teams towards a common goal Planning & sharing ideas Something for everyone Problem solving Lateral thinking


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