Survival Island

  • 5 - 1000 people
  • 2.5 Hours

About Survival Island

Join us at the Survival Island!  

Your team have been stranded on a remote island with no signs of civilisation. All you have is what you have scavenged from the beach. Using your initiatives and the skills we’re about to teach you, can you take on and survive ‘The Island’?
After an inspiring opening presentation based on a real life or death survival story, teams are equipped with basic materials and equipment.

Teams are then faced with a series of survival scenarios, in which groups learn key skills before they take on the task ahead. Each survival task is designed to involve every team member. Using what nature has to offer, teams must draw upon resourcefulness and ingenuity, whilst applying the core skills of teamwork.

Survival zones include:
• Fire Lighting – Fire creates a great sense of warmth and morale. Can you create fire from basic materials including a battery and wire wool?

• Shelter Building – An essential part of survival is keeping safe from the elements. Can your team build a shelter capable of keeping you safe and dry?

• Stretcher Rescue –A member of your team has a leg injury and needs to be stretchered to a safe place for helicopter rescue. With only what you have available are you able to administer first aid & build a capable makeshift stretcher?

• Knot Tying – Knots are a must have skill for survival. We’ll teach you how to tie the most important, including a reef knot, bowline, clove hitch and alpine butterfly.

• Water – Your only available water is contaminated. Learn how to create a water filter from just sand gravel and charcoal

Sample Christmas Package at Survival Island

Lead survival event manager
Survival instructors
Variety of unique survival tasks
Specialist kit & equipment
Themed challenge zones
£5m public liability insurance

What happens at Survival Island

Teams arrive at HQ where they are briefed on the mission ahead. After some inspiring true survival stories, we get
everyone in the mood and motivated to be able to take on what nature has to offer.

Your first challenge is to find vital equipment. Grid references and compass bearings are provided ready to
navigate the grounds to find your survival packs. These packs contain everything you’ll need for the challenges

Teams go head to head at each stance, all hosted by our expert survival instructors. Points are awarded after each
zone dependent on performance and survival teamwork. As you progress through the training zones, teams build
their skills ready to become the ultimate survivalists. The entire event is a fun inspirational experience, where
teams learn amazing new skills of survival, bush craft and the great outdoors.

Benefit From

Learning amazing new skills Something completely different to the norm Unique team interaction Planning, trust & communcation Problem solving & lateral thinking Team success and achievement


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