Soap Box Derby

  • 5 - 1000 people
  • 2.5 Hours

About Soap Box Derby

Join us at the Soap Box Derby!  

If you’ve seen the hilarious race hosted by Redbull on the TV, you’ll know how much fun it is watching daredevil racers weave their crazy contraptions around winding courses of obstacles in the quickest possible time. This is our very own, slightly tamed down version, seeing teams plan, design and build the ultimate wacky racer.

It’s not all about speed (but it helps). There are several heats all based around team’s creativity and innovation. Design will earn you as many points as taking the chequered flag!

After qualifiers, teams hit the design workshops where they can buy all manner of parts and materials to build and dress their racers. Everyone must compete in heats, and even pass an MOT before they take part in the final race.
Soap Box Derby is a hilarious activity that brings out the best in people. The designs never cease to amaze us, neither does the desire to dress up as Dick Dasterdly or Penelope Pitstop…

Sample Christmas Package at Soap Box Derby

Team pit / build zones
Design & parts workshop
Team tool kits
Costumes & creative material
Race overalls and helmets
Themed courses & marshals

What happens at Soap Box Derby

Teams arrive and are allocated their very own pit stop garage. Here they are equipped with a basic pedal powered kart, a tool kit, and limited design materials.

Their first challenge is to pitch for sponsorship. All the big names are out there looking to stamp their brand on the top racer, so be creative and catch their eyes. Next, it’s over to the drawing board to sketch up your designs and plans for
your 4 wheeled winners.

Cash in hand teams can now visit the parts and design workshops where all kinds of items are up for grabs. Everything has a price and funds are limited so be wise with what you buy.

When the karts are complete, drivers take their seats ready for a parade lap to show off their inventions. Next, it’s over to the MOT station to pass a safety check.

Several race heats are now held to determine who takes pole position in the big finale. All lined up on the grid, it’s pedal to the metal for the final series of headto-head laps around our crazy course. First past the chequered flag takes the
race points. These are added to the judges’ points awarded for everything from innovation, teamwork, best dressed driver, and overall best design.

With the winners announced, teams step up onto the podium to receive their medals and bubbly. Be warned though, this is normally sprayed over the crowd in true F1 winning style.

Soap Box Derby offers teams a unique themed experience where everyone can get stuck in and involved. The designs and costumes are always hilarious, as are the actual karts. It’s an ideal experience for teams to relax and naturally
engage with each other, as well as promoting all the core ingredients of positive FUN teamwork.

Benefit From

Creativity & innovation Planning and communication Teamwork and collaboration Something for everyone Sharing ideas & information Fun interactive experience


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