Guide to Choosing Your Next Corporate Party Venue

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The planning of a successful corporate business party is critical to the event’s success and can have sustained positive impacts on employee relations. We’ve got all the tricks so you can get it right. A great business party needs a good venue and a well thought out activity. Here we’ll share our guide to choosing the perfect venue for your next corporate party.

Location and Venue

Make the party easy to get to and choose a space near a public transport hub or with plenty of parking options.


Find out your likely headcount and choose a venue that will accommodate the number of guests on your list with room for networking and socialising. A venue that is flexible enough to be used in multiple ways – a seated dinner for 200 guests, or a cocktail evening for 250, or even games and activities where you mix competing teams – is often a better choice than one that can be used only in one way. If you’re working with a blank space, consult with the venue manager, who should be able to reference previous events.


Allocate budget resources based on your priorities and the expected number of attendees. Ask venues to give you a breakdown of their prices, ideally in a document, so that costs are clear from the outset and you don’t end up going over budget. Judge the value proposition that each site offers – ie, services, amenities and unique characteristics – to find the best venue for your meeting by aligning your business’ goals and objectives.

Catering Options

Check what your chosen venue offers in terms of food and drink. There are lots of different options, from a more formal sit down meal to a summer themed barbecue. Venues tend to offer plenty of drink options, such as signature drinks, craft cocktails, or even interactive cocktail stations where guests can customise their drinks with various spirits, mixers, and garnishes.

Unique Activities

Look for venues that provide opportunities for interactive and fun experiences. Here are a selection of our favourites:

– Boat Party on the Thames
Host a memorable corporate business party aboard a boat on the River Thames with stunning views of London’s landmarks.

– Indoor Mini Golf/Crazy Golf
Choose a venue that offers interactive and fun-filled activities like indoor mini golf or crazy golf, to work on team building among the attendees.

– Shuffleboard
Create a relaxed atmosphere with an unusual game such as shuffleboard, a popular activity that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages and skill levels.

– Private Shooting Experience
For something a bit different, consider hosting a private shooting event such as clay pigeon shooting or target practice.

– Live Performances and Entertainment
Look for venues with stages or performance areas where you can showcase live music, a DJ, dance performances, comedy acts, or other entertainment options for your employees.

– Fairground Theme
Consider a carnival theme for your summer party. Choose a venue that offers childhood games like Roll-A-Ball Derby, Skeeball or Clown-Shoot or a location that can offer funfair rides such as a big wheel, carousel, and dodgems. is a trading name of Eureka Events Ltd. registered Office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX

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