Unforgettable Heights: A Corporate Extravaganza at Savage Garden Rooftop

Amidst the bustling heart of London, where the skyline kisses the clouds, an opulent affair unfolded on September 13th, 2023. A real estate investment trust company set the stage for an unforgettable corporate summer party at the exclusive Savage Garden rooftop. Over 200 employees gathered atop this breathtaking venue, immersed in an evening of luxury and celebration.

The Savage Garden rooftop, a hidden gem nestled 12 floors above Tower Hill, unveiled its splendour to the company’s eager guests. Two sky-high terraces awaited, accompanied by the resplendent main bar and the intimate ‘Ferus’ Private Dining Room. The Wildside terrace, adorned with a retractable roof, provided a whimsical yet rainproof setting, shielding guests from the caprices of the ever-unpredictable British weather.

The venue’s allure lay not just in its height but in the unparalleled views it offered. The Ferus Private Dining Room boasted floor-to-ceiling windows, treating attendees to breathtaking vistas of London’s iconic architectural marvels—the Gherkin, the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ building, and the majestic Shard. Meanwhile, the main bar enchanted with its elegant marble accents juxtaposed against raw urban textures, a blend that exuded both opulence and a touch of edginess. Tower Bridge and the Tower of London stood majestically in the background, a panoramic backdrop to the night’s revelry.

The ambiance inside was a captivating fusion—brutal yet sultry, urban yet opulent. Reflective, scored, and savaged surfaces coalesced with plush velvet finishes and marbleized floors, creating an atmosphere that was both sophisticated and inviting. The setting was the perfect canvas for a night of celebration and camaraderie among colleagues.

The party came alive with the beats of a resident DJ, infusing the evening with an electric energy that reverberated across the rooftop. Laughter and merriment intertwined as colleagues savoured dramatic cocktails and delectable cuisine, indulging in an array of flavours that complemented the breathtaking views spread before them.

The real estate investment trust company’s corporate summer party was not just an event; it was an experience woven with luxury, panoramic vistas, and an ambiance that blended the grandeur of London’s skyline with the warmth of celebration. As the night unfurled under the stars and city lights, Savage Garden proved itself as the crown jewel of skyline bars, leaving each attendee with memories that would linger long after the night had faded into dawn.

In a city that thrives on its landmarks and skyline, this corporate affair stood tall among the icons, etching a night of opulence and unity against the panoramic canvas of London’s splendour.

Savage Garden had indeed orchestrated a night to remember, a true testament to the magic that unfolds when luxury meets London’s mesmerizing skyline.

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