Swing into Summer: A Hole-in-One Evening at Cocktails in the City with a Professional Golfing Company!

Fore! It was a swingin’ affair as this particular Professional Golfing Company teed off their summer celebrations at the exquisite Cocktails in the City event, nestled in the heart of London’s Bedford Square Gardens on July 9th, 2022. Picture this: a lush, private Georgian garden transformed into a haven of libations, live music, and delectable delights from London’s top bars and food vendors.

With a putt-putt here and a clink-clink there, the company’s 50-strong squad was treated to an evening that perfectly blended sophistication with sheer fun. The setting? An oasis of exclusivity, where elegance met a relaxed vibe. It was like a perfect golf swing—effortless yet striking.

Upon entering the venue, it was clear that Cocktails in the City had mastered the art of creating a haven for indulgence. The sprawling garden, enveloped in a canopy cover, welcomed guests to a utopia of experiences. Imagine being spoiled for choice with 20 bars offering unique cocktail concoctions, each a hole-in-one in its own right.

The evening was sprinkled with ice-carving workshops, cocktail-making classes (forearm strength practice, anyone?), and even a silent disco. Yes, you read that right—a dance floor with no cacophony but all the groove.

Speaking of groove, the live music elevated the ambiance, creating a rhythm that resonated through the night. And the food! Award-winning street food that scored a perfect ten, ensuring no one went home with an empty stomach.

The weather, often a wild card in London, couldn’t rain on this parade. The organizers had it covered—literally—with large, beautiful Bedouin stretch tents, ensuring the party went on despite the unpredictable British skies.

One couldn’t help but notice the seamless experience. Fast-track entry and a wristband system ensured a premium, hassle-free journey for all attendees. It was a testament to Cocktails in the City’s commitment to creating an environment where networking and enjoyment intersected flawlessly.

The feedback from the Professional Golfing Company’s crew? A resounding hole-in-one! With whispers of praise and laughter echoing long after the last cocktail was served, it’s safe to say that this summer shindig was etched into their memories as a night of sheer jubilation.

As the stars dotted the night sky and the glasses clinked in cheerful toasts, the company proved that they’re not just champions on the green but also in throwing a corporate bash that tees up perfection.

Cheers to Cocktails in the City for crafting an unforgettable evening where London’s finest bars, live music, and exquisite food turned a regular Friday night into an extraordinary celebration. Until next time, here’s to raising a glass to the summer soirée that was a definite “birdie” in this golfing company’s event calendar!


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