Sandy Toes and Smiles: A Digital Services Company’s Epic Summer Party at Neverland

Neverland Beach Summer Party Venue
Neverland Beach Summer Party Venue
Neverland Beach Summer Party Venue

This summer, Neverland, one of London’s best summer party venues, was the stage for a digital services company’s unforgettable mid-year bash. With 300 employees in attendance, the beach vibes, and the riverside setting, it was a day to remember! Let’s dive into the sun-soaked details of this epic event.

Neverland: Where Summer Dreams Come True:

Neverland, with its stunning riverside beach, has consistently made its mark as one of London’s top summer party venues. It was the natural choice for this company to create the perfect summer celebration, and it didn’t disappoint.

A Party for Everyone:

The company pulled out all the stops by choosing exclusive hire of Neverland’s Fulham Beach, ensuring the entire venue was reserved for their team. They made use of Neverland’s range of party packages, accommodating a variety of budgets. It was an all-inclusive event, ensuring that every employee had the opportunity to let their hair down and create lasting memories.

The Ultimate Summer Playground:

The party took advantage of Neverland’s unique offerings, turning the beach into the ultimate summer playground. Social games like Shuffleboard, Beer Pong, Ping Pong and Darts were a hit, adding an extra layer of fun to the festivities. Employees revelled in the chance to play and compete while enjoying the riverside breeze.

A Perfect Venue for All Occasions:

Neverland has the versatility to cater to all types of events, from private parties to corporate summer extravaganzas. Its spacious indoor and outdoor area adjacent to the Thames creates an authentic beach experience, complete with over 100 tonnes of sand. With a capacity ranging from 120 to 400 people, it was the ideal choice for a large group.

Culinary Delights and Quenching Drinks:

What’s a summer party without scrumptious food and drinks? The company outdid themselves, serving up a feast of BBQ delights, fresh seafood, and tropical cocktails. From juicy burgers to delightful ice cream, there was something to satiate every craving.

Picture-Perfect Views:

As the sun dipped below the horizon, the employees were treated to a breathtaking view of the riverside, with the golden sun casting a warm glow on the Thames. The perfect backdrop for countless Instagram-worthy photos.

Building Bonds and Creating Memories:

The party was not only about games and fun, but also about connecting with colleagues outside of the office. The relaxed setting encouraged team members to bond on a personal level, building a stronger sense of unity.


Neverland’s Fulham Beach proved to be the perfect canvas for this digital services company to paint an unforgettable summer party. With exclusive hire options, a range of party packages, and a stunning location, the event was an undisputed success. From the games and culinary delights to the picturesque views and team bonding, this summer bash had it all. Neverland lived up to its reputation as one of London’s top summer party venues, and the employees will be reminiscing about this epic event for years to come. Here’s to a summer filled with sandy toes and endless smiles! is a trading name of Eureka Events Ltd. registered Office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX

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