Gray’s Inn: The Ultimate Summer Party Venue in the Heart of London

Grays Inn Marquee Summer Party Venue London WC1

Summer is a season of celebration, and there’s no better way to celebrate in style than with a summer party at Gray’s Inn in London. On the 12th of July 2022, this historic venue transformed into a hidden gem of Central London, exclusively hosting a spectacular summer party for a thriving software engineering company. With 600 enthusiastic employees in attendance, it was a night to remember.

Gray’s Inn, known for its rich history as one of the four Inns of Court, provided the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable evening. The venue is conveniently located just a few minutes’ walk from Chancery Lane station, making it easily accessible for all guests. The star of the show was undoubtedly “The Walks,” a magnificent five-acre private garden within Gray’s Inn, offering an oasis of tranquillity in the midst of Central London’s hustle and bustle.

What made this summer party truly exceptional was the custom-built marquee that graced The Walks during the months of June and July. This elegantly designed structure featured a bar, a comfortable lounge area, luxurious toilets, a cloakroom, and wooden decking. The marquee was equipped with all the essentials to create the perfect summer party atmosphere, including an integrated PA system, a soundproof dance box with a dance floor, a stage for live entertainment, ambient lighting, and air-cooling for those warm summer nights.

One of the unique aspects of The Walks at Gray’s Inn is its versatility. The marquee can accommodate a wide range of summer party activities, from carousels to bouncy castles, ensuring that every guest found something to enjoy. Additionally, the catering options were as diverse as the activities themselves. Guests had the pleasure of savouring delectable BBQ dishes, food stalls offering various culinary delights, bowl food, and canapés. The summer party packages left no stone unturned when it came to satisfying guests’ taste buds.

What truly sets Gray’s Inn apart is its commitment to customization. Event organizers can choose to pay separately for the marquee hire, food, and beverages, allowing for a bespoke event tailored to their exact requirements. Alternatively, they can opt for one of the well-crafted party packages that cover venue hire, food, and drinks, making planning a breeze.

The historical significance of Gray’s Inn added an extra layer of charm to the event. Established before 1388 AD, it has been a haven for lawyers throughout the centuries and is known for the education and training of barristers. The splendid gardens, known as The Walks, were originally designed in 1606 by Sir Francis Bacon, and his statue can still be admired in the South Square. These gardens, covering five acres, are among the largest private gardens in London, offering a serene escape from the city’s chaos.

During the summer months, The Walks are transformed into a magical space with the addition of the elegant marquee, featuring a hard-floored and carpeted interior. The marquee is a versatile structure that opens up endless possibilities for a wide range of events, from corporate gatherings to weddings and outdoor affairs.

Gray’s Inn, with its beautiful gardens and marquee, is not just a venue; it’s an experience. Whether you’re planning a private or corporate summer party, a wedding reception, a concert, a barbecue, or any outdoor event, Gray’s Inn offers a distinguished setting that guarantees a memorable and enjoyable time.

In the heart of Central London, Gray’s Inn and The Walks come together to create the ultimate summer party venue. The 12th of July 2022 was a testament to this, as 600 employees gathered for an unforgettable evening in this historic yet vibrant setting. Gray’s Inn is indeed a hidden gem that has solidified its place as the go-to venue for those seeking to make their summer celebration truly exceptional. is a trading name of Eureka Events Ltd. registered Office: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX

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